What to Expect from RichardRashke.com

Have you ever plugged yourself into the news for awhile and noticed that practically all the ‘important’ stuff is merely a few stories getting played over, and over and over again? If you have then you’re not alone. In reality, the news is exactly like this, although many people may disagree.

Many people seem to believe that the stories in the news are actually quite important. So much so that they’ll openly comment, suggest, bring up and try to include these stories in everyday conversation.

Remember the last time you were sitting down with uncle Bill and all he wanted to talk about was what was happening between presidential candidate A and B? Or how the most recent natural disaster was an indication of something, foreshadowing the next major hurricane?

There’s a reason why people are sucked into this content and part of it is their own fault. Being careless with one’s own time and what you consider as important and what you consider as not important is a big factor. Some people have not developed priorities and news will enter in and seem important. You will often see such people repeating nearly everything they hear on the news during frequent news periods such as presidential elections.

The other reason is human nature. People are drawn to open loops. In fact, your brain would rather have a sense that it’s reached a conclusion with something and that a matter seems settled in whole. Your brain doesn’t like it when you encounter what’s called an open loop, where you’ve heard just the beginning of an event. Some disaster or horrific thing just occurred on the other side of the country or the other side of the world, and people naturally want to know what happened next, and what happened after that, and why.

The solution to this cycle is simple. Simply remove yourself from the noise. Stop caring about petty issues. Stop caring about the news and stop assuming every bit of news actually matters at all.

Reporters are paid for getting readers. Headlines are written to hook your attention and suck you into the article. Simply removing yourself, or more so removing the news from your own world, does a tremendous amount of decluttering (in a good way) for you.